The Greatest Lie Ever Told


shows how Jews, Christians and Muslims have been grossly misled about their religions. All three were perverted from their shared origins, by politics, avarice and greed. The greatest of these perversions is Christianity.

Academics knew the truth but dared not publish it.

Church leaders knew the truth about Jesus but lied to hide it. They know that Christianity is one of many monotheistic religions based on an identical theme and they carried out a ruthless and bloodthirsty campaign which has failed to eradicate the truth.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told takes the reader on a historical voyage, using wit and logic to reveal the evidence of research that no one wanted you to see. The author proves his allegations, presents truth not speculation and shows where the future path of the Church must lie.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told  isn’t some vague conjecture, it is a fact.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told …

WH Uffington

  1. reveals that Egypt had a monotheistic religion, not one with a pantheon of gods

  2. gives the evidence to explain the Exodus

  3. traces the Old and New Testaments back to Egypt

  4. explains why most of the characters in the Old Testament are fictitious

  5. shows that the original Jews did not migrate to a ‘Promised Land,’ they were always there